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Jazz up your Stringing with Logo Stencils

Almost every pro on the tour upgrades their racket with their manufacturer’s logo. Usually, you can spot it right on the stringing pattern – and with logo stencils, you can do the exact same thing. Your place to shop these racket accessories is our online shop, where you will find stencils by many brands at great rates. Usually, they are shaped in the form of the racket’s head, so you simply have to place them on top of the stringing before applying the logo with suitable colours. Whether you prefer Wilson, HEAD, Babolat, Pacific, Yonex, or Tourna: You will turn your racket into a pro racket in no time with our logo stencils.

Of course, we do not stop there. Additionally, you can shop for suitable stencil ink to paint the logo on the stringing in our shop. These inks consist of a special mix of substances that ensures they stick to the stringing for a while even if you play intense match after intense match. Additionally, they do not contain any chemicals that might affect the stringing’s structure, compromising its longevity. In our shop, you can choose between white, black, and silver stencil ink.

TIP: of course, you do not have to aim for brand logos when jazzing up your racket. You can also use stencil ink to decorate the stringing pattern with your own creative drawings.