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Box of balls

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Bälle im Karton

If you play tennis regularly and value high and consistent quality when it comes to tennis balls, you will be using quite a lot of them during a season. Tennis balls don't keep their playing characteristics forever because the internal air pressure fades away after a while due to their porous outer shell. Also, the felt wears out over time, which changes their aerodynamic properties and makes the balls bounce irregularly. Therefore, it is worth replacing your tennis balls regularly, depending on how often you go out on the court and your game's intensity. At most tournaments, for example, you will usually hear the call "new balls please" after every seven to eleven games. If you don't want to order new tennis balls constantly, why not buy a box of tennis balls? You will always have plenty of your favourite tennis balls and won't need to worry about replacing them for quite a while. In the long run, ordering a box of tennis balls saves you time and money. You will find various kinds of tennis-ball cases in our online shop, be it official tournament balls, practice balls, Play & Stay balls of stages 1, 2, and 3, and many more. A box of tennis balls is not only good for the balance in your bank account, but you will also enjoy your game a lot more when always equipped with the right, high-quality tennis balls.