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Solinco Tennis strings

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Perfect Playing Feel with SOLINCO Tennis Strings

Without a doubt, the tennis racket is the most important item for our sport. At the same time, it will only be as good as its stringing allows it to be. Once you have worn down your racket’s stringing, you will not be able to perform your strokes as precisely and powerfully as usual. Therefore, you should string your racket freshly at least twice a year – and when doing so, definitely consider using SOLINCO tennis strings, for they provide you with the perfect playing feel.

The American string specialist produces monofil tennis strings made from (co-)polyester, as well as multifil models consisting of different synthetic fibres and hybrid strings. Tennis pros particularly enjoy the latter as they combine the unmatched playing characteristics of natural-gut strings with synthetic strings’ longevity. SOLINCO also produces tennis rackets and grip tapes

Solinco Saiten

SOLINCO tennis strings’ high quality definitely leaves an impression, not only with numerous juniors and tennis academies who let their rackets string with the brand’s products. Even some of the world’s best players, such as Nikolay Davydenko, the Bryan brothers and doubles specialist Jamie Murray, brother of multiple Grand Slam champion Andy Murray, have won loads of matches and tournaments with the help of SOLINCO strings. 

SOLINCO Strings: Meeting any Demand

SOLINCO produces its tennis strings from high-quality materials with state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, the brand adds tennis players’ real-life experiences to the development process. Thanks to this approach, the string specialist has gained loads of experience and technological know-how over the years and, therefore, provides any playing type with the right product. Beginners, advanced players and pros alike will find joy playing with SOLINCO strings. In our online shop, you can choose from string types with the following qualities:

  • Spin – allows for more ball rotation
  • Comfort – arm-friendly tennis strings
  • Power – for more acceleration
  • Control – facilitates ball control
  • Durability – for long-lasting joy of playing

Of course, SOLINCO also provides tennis strings that bring several of the characteristics above together. For example, some combine great spin qualities with enhanced longevity. Others allow for acceleration and comfort at the same time. Whichever playing properties you prefer, with the American manufacturer, you will get precisely the type of strings you need for your game.

Great Selection of SOLINCO Tennis Strings

Solinco Saiten

Here at Tennis-Point, you find a vast range of the best SOLINCO tennis strings at incredible rates – and we do not stop there. Additionally, time and time again, we have great deals. So, keep looking out to not miss out on a bargain! When shopping for SOLINCO strings, be aware that the brand produces them in different string strengths. It starts with thin strings with a diameter of 1.10 millimetres. Medium ones measure 1.20 or 1.25 millimetres, thick strings 1.35 millimetres. Generally, thin models offer a great playing feel, while thicker ones improve ball control and maintain their playing properties much longer. 

When shopping with us, you can order SOLINCO string sets and reels. We recommend the latter to players who step on the court frequently or have already found their preferred type of strings made by the American brand. They save you money mid-term, and you make sure that you can always string your racket with your favourite strings once the old ones have worn down. Plus, there are no shipping fees for orders over 150 euros. Now, we hope you enjoy looking for your new SOLINCO tennis strings and wish you lots of fun on the court.