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Regular Tennis Balls To Bring Out The Best In You

When it comes to playing tennis, your tennis-balls choice can make or break your game. There are various kinds of tennis balls with different playing characteristics, bouncing qualities, and aerodynamic properties. Pressurised tennis balls, for example, are light, bounce comparably high, and are pretty fast, whereas pressureless balls are heavier and therefore slower. They don't bounce as much, leaving players more time to react, making them especially attractive for beginners and occasional tennis players.

Regular tennis balls filled with compressed air, on the other hand, are the preferred option for advanced and professional tennis players due to their more dynamic playing characteristics. For that reason, they are commonly used at tournaments and competitive matches. Suppose you go out on the court regularly and even play the occasional tournament. In that case, pressurised tennis balls are the right choice for you: While they are more fun to play with, at the same time, it makes sense to be used to them already when it comes to playing in competitions. If you usually play a different tennis ball type, getting used to regular balls on the fly could cost you valuable, potentially match-deciding points.

Here, at your trusted tennis online shop, we offer a wide range of regular tennis balls from all renowned manufacturers, such as HEAD, Dunlop, or Wilson. 

What Are Regular Tennis Balls?


So, what are those regular tennis balls, and how do they differ from other kinds of tennis balls? In tennis, you generally distinguish between pressurised and pressureless tennis balls. In contrast to pressureless balls, regular tennis balls are filled with compressed air or gas (i.e. nitrogen) to create excess pressure inside the ball. The high internal pressure, which is between 1.6 and 2.2 bar, makes the ball lighter and provides excellent bouncing properties. Consequently, pressurised tennis balls are substantially faster than any other type of ball in this sport, which is why they are especially popular among professional and ambitious amateur players alike.

Hence, at tournaments and in competitions, only regular tennis balls are accepted. Apart from their distinct playing characteristics, they offer the advantage of not straining your arm as much. Since they are so light, they significantly reduce the risk of suffering from a tennis elbow. However, the lightness of pressurised tennis balls comes at a cost: their rubber shell is relatively thin and therefore not completely airtight. The gas inside slowly escapes causing them to lose their pressure over time, which leads to a gradual loss of the ball's bounce.

For this reason, regular duty tennis balls are always sold in sealed cans. As you open it, there should be a fizzing sound similar to that when opening a beverage can. Even though they need replacing more often, the playing characteristics of regular tennis balls are impeccable. If you play tennis several times a week, you should consider buying tennis balls in bulk, so you always have enough best-quality pressurised tennis balls in stock.

At Tennis-Point, you will find a lot of top offers for regular tennis balls in a box, bucket or bag, so that you are always best equipped for your next match!