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Add some power with Yonex tennis strings

Whatever style of tennis you play, and however skilled you are, having the right strings makes a huge difference to the way you strike the ball. Beginners often overlook the value of specialist strings, but as soon as they experience the sensation of connecting with high-quality racket strings, they realise what they've been missing. The pros certainly understand the value of equipment from brands like Yonex. The Japanese sport manufacturer has established fruitful relationships with some of the game's finest players including Stanislas Wawrinka and Angelique Kerber. All of their partner pros rely on the responsiveness and reliability offered by Yonex tennis strings, and they've been joined by amateur players all over the world. If you feel your racket losing its zing factor, and you don't think you're getting full value for your searing serves and slick passing shots, it could be time to replace your strings. At Tennis-Point, doing so is easy. We stock all of Yonex's finest accessories, allowing fans to easily buy online and have the tools they need to succeed.

Buy online and raise your game with the right Yonex strings

Yonex is one of those brands which covers every aspect of the sport, and their strings are no exception. On the one hand, there are standard polyester Yonex tennis strings that come at an affordable price. Lines like the Poly Pro range offer a fine blend of power and control and would suit anyone who is starting out in the game who doesn't want to spend huge amounts on cutting-edge strings. However, there are plenty of options for more advanced players. For example, Yonex has partnered with Angelique Kerber to come up with a Poly Tour Spin variety. Equipped with Silicone oil-infused filaments, these strings guarantee extra force for anyone's forehands, although beginners may find the extra power harder to control. Players who rely on spin are well served by the Poly Tour Fire, while the Poly Tour Air variety aims to create as much control as possible while maxing out on durability. Most Yonex strings are available in 12m rolls or 200m spools, so you can order when you need to or buy online in bulk. Either way, expect crisp shots and plenty of power.