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Pacific Tennis strings

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Raise Your Game to the Next Level with Pacific Strings

Its stringing makes at least half of a tennis racket’s quality. So, when you neglect this aspect, you may be playing with the finest racket out there, but you will not be able to perform your strokes as powerfullyly and precise as you would like to. Therefore, make sure to string your tennis racket regularly. As a rule of thumb, on average, you should freshly string your racket as many times per year as you step on the court per week. At least, you need to repeat the process twice a year to avoid loss of tension, even if you sporadically play tennis.

Pacific Saiten

Freshly stringing your racket with high-quality Pacific strings will provide you with the perfect playing feel. Founded in Germany and New Zealand in 1972, the family enterprise specialised in racket sports from the beginning and is among the leading tennis equipment manufacturers today. Between 2007 and 2012, Pacific was the ATP’s official partner for tennis strings, grip tapes and stringing services. The partnership ended, trust remained. To this day, the German string specialist is present in numerous tournaments of the ATP World Tour, and many players confidently rely on Pacific strings. Being around the world’s best, Pacific has gained immense technological expertise, which the company uses for its first-class tennis strings, as well as for tennis racketstennis bags and other tennis items. 

Show Your Best Tennis with Pacific Strings

With the takeover of Fischer’s tennis and racket section in 2009, Pacific has added to its technological know-how and reputation. Pros and hobby players alike appreciate the high quality and technological finesse of Pacific strings and tennis equipment that has gained the company its reputation for precision, reliability and innovation.

Pacific Saiten

Most Pacific strings are made of synthetics like (co-)polyester or polyamide. You can choose between monofil models made of one single fabric and multifil ones, which use a mix of synthetic fibres. Moreover, Pacific produces natural-gut and hybrid tennis strings consisting of a combination of synthetic and natural-gut strings. That way, hybrid strings combine the ultimate playing feel of natural-gut strings with the longevity of synthetic models, making them particularly popular among pros.

Thanks to their versatility, Pacific strings allow you to play your best tennis any time you step on the court. The multifaceted selection of different types combines different playing properties, offering the optimal stringing to every playing type. Whether you focus on spin and durability, on power and control, or looking for comfort – with Pacific, you will find the tennis stringing your game benefits from most.

A Vast Range of Tennis Strings by Pacific

Here, at Tennis-Point, we offer a wide selection of the best Pacific strings at phenomenal rates and in different colours. If you keep looking for our special deals, you are highly likely to pick up a bargain. You can get Pacific strings in different string strengths, allowing you to choose a model tailored to your preferences. Generally, thinner strings provide more feel, while thicker ones are more robust and increase ball control. In our online tennis shop, you can buy Pacific strings in the following strengths:

  • 24 / 1.25 mm
  • 28 / 1.29 / 1.30 mm
  • 33 / 1.35 / 1.38 mm

  • You can buy Pacific string reels, as well as string sets. The former especially make sense for those players who regularly string their racket, as well as for players who have already spotted their favourite among Pacific strings. In those cases, string reels help you save money long-term while allowing you to use your favourite type of stringing whenever you step on the tennis court. Another plus: when shopping with us, shipping is free for all orders over 150 euros. Order your new tennis strings by Pacific today and make the most of your game!