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Schildkröt Fitness

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Schildkröt Fitness
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Schildkröt Fitness: Everything You Need to Improve Your Fitness

Working on your strokes, serve, and footwork is essential, sure; however, your fitness level needs to live up to a certain standard, as well. If it does, you can return that forehand cross during the tiebreak of set number two to decide a hard-fought match in your favour. And to fine-tune your fitness off the court, Schildkröt Fitness offers just the right products. With the help of the brand’s devices, you work on your conditioning, coordination, skills, and response. Plus, they support you in your fight against back pain and muscle tenseness and facilitate efficient workouts.

Your Personal Training Programme

The brand Schildkröt Fitness is part of the MTS Sportartikel Vertriebs GmbH. Founded in 1992, the company today resides in Wolfratshausen, Bavaria, offering a diverse product range from dumbbells to balance boards, expanders and weight equipment. Another plus: Schildkröt Fitness items use up little space, fit into every living room, allowing you to follow your very own training programme whenever, wherever. 

Whether you focus on strength, fascia training, coordination and speed, gymnastics or balance and endurance, Schildkröt Fitness offers tennis players optimal training tools to make the most of their workouts; to lay the groundwork to succeed in the deciding moments of their matches.

Schildkröt Fitness Balance Cushions and Resistance Bands

Suppose you would like to improve your balance, coordination, strength, and blood flow; in that case, we recommend Schildkröt Fitness’ balance cushion from PVC with massage nubs. Those nubs are specifically designed to increase your body awareness. Plus, you can use the balance cushion to massage your feet.

Are you instead looking to train with a resistance band? Schildkröt Fitness offers different models, thanks to which you can build your personal, portable mini gym for home or on the road. That way, you can perform your exercises whenever you feel like it. No matter where you are at that moment.

Yet, Schildkröt Fitness is not done. The brand’s portfolio includes a wide range of other fitness tools that do not only work for tennis players. You can try press-up grips, yoga mats, even medicine balls. That heavy so-called „slamball“ is also widely popular in CrossFit and circuit training, as it is suitable for exercises where you throw it against a firm wall, on the ground or to your training partner to gain strength.

Schildkröt Fitness for Tennis Athletes

Here, at Tennis-Point, you can find numerous training tools by Schildkröt Fitness. Tennis players, who, for example, need a training device to strengthen their hand-and lower-arm muscles, can use the Schildkröt Fitness hand muscle trainer. 

So, which Schildkröt Fitness products do our customers favour in particular? Here are some of their favourites:

  • Schildkröt Fitness balance cushion
  • Schildkröt Fitness bands
  • Schildkröt Fitness press-up grips
  • Schildkröt Fitness medicine balls
  • Schildkröt Fitness yoga mats

Shop for Schildkröt Fitness Products Online at Tennis-Point

Many tennis pros and tournament players use Schildkröt Fitness devices and training tools to get in shape for those crucial moments on the court. So, if you want to work on your fitness systematically, Tennis-Point is your place to go.

At the same time, look out for all the other deals we frequently offer that help you save money. Thanks to our 100-days money-back guarantee, you are not even taking any risks when ordering from Tennis-Point. We hope you enjoy your fitness training.