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The Crocodile’s first steps
Boston,1923. Rene Lacoste, a young tennis wonder is 19 years old and is looking for achallenge. His team captain promises him the crocodile suitcase he has admiredin a shop window should he win his coming match. Rene loses, the case isforgotten but his determination remains. By pure chance an American journalisthears the story and christens Rene “The alligator” to illustrate his unequalleddetermination on the court. Rene Lacoste did notwin the match but on the tennis court had the toughness of a crocodile which is why an American journalistgave him this nick name.
Steely intensions
ReneLacoste was not predestined for a career in sport. At the age of 18 however hemade the crucial decision to concentrate entirely on his passion for tennis andto train tirelessly to improve his strength, precision and concentration. Hisaim: to become “As perfect as possible”. Undefeated, he transformed everydownfall into a victory for his technique. An approach which proved effective: He won seven singles tournaments andplayed for the French national team which won the Davis Cup in 1927 and 1928.