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Tretorn Tennis balls

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Tretorn Tennis Balls: Inventor of the Pressureless Ball 

Cult label Tretorn was founded in the Swedish city of Helsingborg in 1891. In its beginnings, the company’s focus lay on producing water-proof goloshes to keep the feet warm and cosy during the harsh winter months Sweden is known for. Hence, it took the brand until 1902 to manufacture its first-ever tennis ball. Since then, Tretorn has built a good reputation and has become the official tennis ball partner of many tournaments. Experience the difference yourself and order Tretorn tennis balls online at Tretorn!

Tretorn Tennisbälle

Which Types of Tennis Balls Does Tretorn Offer? 

In the 1950s, Tretorn began experimenting with trainers and helped make these light and sportive shoes popular among tennis players. During the next decade, several tennis-ball innovations followed, culminating in Tretorn becoming the official tennis ball partner of the French Open in 1977. When the brand launched the first-ever pressureless tennis ball in 1983, it was none other than the great Björn Borg who promoted it worldwide. The following years saw plenty more innovations by Tretorn, including tennis balls partially filled with compressed air and numerous novel materials based on rubber. Nowadays, most Tretorn tennis balls are regular pressurised balls. 

Discover & Order Tretorn Tennis Balls Online 

All tennis balls by the legendary Swedish brand Tretorn are ITF-approved; hence, Tretorn tennis balls are represented at professional tournaments across the world. They are also very popular with tennis coaches due to their excellent bouncing capacities and above-average durability.

At Tretorn, you can find out for yourself. Discover Tretorn pressureless tennis balls, as well as regular pressurised Tretorn balls. Furthermore, the range includes Tretorn Play & Stay balls for kids and Tretorn coach tennis balls. Whatever type takes your fancy, with Tretorn tennis balls, you can rest assured always to have the best quality for your game–and certainly ITF-approved.