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Fashionable Tennis Accessories for Fashion-Conscious Players

Of course, you want to perform and look as good as possible when you step on the tennis court. With that in mind, you pick your tennis clothing, your racket, and tennis shoes. Nevertheless, you’re still only close to being set. To add that little extra spice, you also need a few of those small but nice tennis accessories.

There are many to choose from. So, which one should you favour to hit the court in style? We recommend the following tennis accessories to spice up your outfit:

Tennis Caps & Visors: Sun Protection plus Fashion Statement

Once the sun comes out, a tennis cap is an essential company for your match, which, at the same time, works as an excellent little fashion statement. Many tennis players like wearing their caps with the visor backward. Those peaked caps root back to baseball and are, therefore, also called baseball or base caps. They are especially valuable for matches during summertime. One, because the sun affects you less, two, because you are blinded less when serving.

At Tennis-Point, you choose from an extensive range of tennis caps for men and women. While men usually wear “regular” caps, women often prefer open tennis caps, which are also called “visors”. Thanks to their opening on the top, they work exceptionally well if you have long hair. You might go for a tennis visor or a cap; anyway, make sure you pick a model you can adjust to the size of your head.


Free Vision on the Court with Cool Bandanas

  • Bandanas – back in the day, an identification feature of street gangs in big cities – are squared headscarves you tie around your head.
  • The stylish tennis headband has established itself among players as a popular accessory. However, there is more to it than style. Tennis bandanas absorb sweat, so it does not drop into your eyes.

Headbands and Sweatbands, Functional Accessories for Tennis Players

Other accessories that should accompany you during intense tennis matches are tennis hairbands, headbands, and wristbands. Headbands prevent sweat from running down your forehead into your eyes. Many are made of thin polyester and tied by the player at the back of the head. Others consist of thick cotton, which possesses exceptionally high sweat absorbing qualities.

Another popular accessory among tennis players are wristbands. Mostly made of absorbent terrycloth, you put them around your wrist to quickly wipe sweat off your skin and dry your forehead. Another benefit of tennis sweatbands: You can grip your racket more firmly because your hands get less sweaty.

Enjoy searching for your tennis accessories in our shop!