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Pressureless balls

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Longer Lasting Court-Fun With Pressureless Tennis Balls

It is a well-known fact that tennis balls lose their playing characteristics relatively quickly. Most don't last longer than one or two matches. Your tennis balls' longevity also depends on the surface you play on and the intensity you hit them with. Especially the predominantly used pressurised tennis balls wear out pretty fast due to their porous outer shell. Having to constantly re-stock with tennis balls can become quite costly, particularly if you're a tennis coach. But also amateurs who go out on the tennis court several times a week will have to invest significantly in tennis balls over the course of a season. Luckily, there is a good alternative: pressureless tennis balls. They might not be as fast and bouncy as pressurised tennis balls, but pressureless balls certainly last a lot longer!

The Advantages Of Pressureless Tennis Balls

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The most significant advantage of pressureless tennis balls is their increased longevity. In contrast to regular tennis balls, pressureless balls are not filled with compressed air. The two rubber hemispheres are glued together under normal air pressure. Their rubber shell structure is a lot thicker than that of pressurised tennis balls and provides them with bounce. Since pressureless tennis balls don't contain compressed air, they keep their bounce and aerodynamic properties significantly longer than regular balls. Because of the strong rubber shell structure, these balls feel a little heavier. They don't bounce as much and are slower than their pressurised counterparts. In turn, they keep their playing characteristics longer. For all these reasons, pressureless balls are especially well suited for beginners and tennis players who only occasionally go out on the court. They come at a reasonable price, last longer, and work well in training and also for the ball machine. Check out the large variety of pressureless balls in our online tennis shop and order your new tennis balls today!