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Perform at your best with the right set of Babolat tennis strings

At Tennis-Point, you'll find all of the world's leading tennis equipment brands, and the French label Babolat is among them. Babolat is famous for the quality of their strings, and professionals like Rafael Nadal, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Carolina Wozniacki rely on their products to give them a competitive edge. But the advantages of Babolat strings aren't reserved for the elite. In fact, players of all varieties can benefit from stringing their rackets with Babolat tennis strings. The brand offers specialist strings for power players, spin wizards and generalists whose main focus is on durability. Whatever your style of play, age or the kind of court you use, we can guarantee that the Babolat collection at Tennis-Point offers something for you. With string gauges ranging from 1.2mm to 1.4mm, colours like black, pink, white and yellow and a mix of nylon and polyamide strings to consider, this is a range that covers every kind of player of the modern sport.

Choose from a wide range of precision-engineered tennis Babolat strings

Babolat tennis strings span a huge variety of price points and features, and we stock them all. At the elite end of the spectrum, you'll find the Babolat Origin selection. Made from polyamide-based filaments (not polyester), these strings provide intense elasticity and power, and they will suit people who need an extra bit of "oomph" behind their serves and forehands. But the performance level hardly drops as you move through their products. For example, the Xcel variety manages to conjure up the feel of natural gut with a polyurethane construction and is designed for pure comfort. The RPM Blast is, as the name suggests, a power string, while the brand's Team strings are aimed at players who prize control and spin above sheer brute force. If you are an artist when it comes to slice serves and spinning drop-shots, these strings will be a key addition to your armoury. And don't forget the company's lower price strings like the SG Spiraltek. Each kind delivers a dose of power, comfort and control, and you can easily buy online from the Tennis-Point store. So take your pick and enhance your game with Babolat's specialist tennis technology.