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Pacific Tennis Rackets: Top Quality Made in Germany 

Some of the older tennis players might remember the days when tennis rackets by Fischer were prominent on courts all over the world. In 2009, Pacific took over Fischer rackets and has been using the brand's experience of more than 35 years to develop and produce top-quality tennis rackets ever since. The logo, which you can also find printed on their strings, is an X. Accordingly, most Pacific's racket series begin with an X: X Fast, X Force, or Nexus are tennis rackets for tournament and ambitious club players alike. Pacific builds arm-sparing yet explosive frames from innovative materials. Therefore, Pacific rackets are relatively light, with only very few models weighing over 300 grams.

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Pacific: Decades of String-Expertise & the Racket Know-How of Fischer 

Pacific has been around since 1975. The renowned German sporting goods brand provides the stringing service for the pros at many international tournaments––but not only that. Thanks to excellent test results for their rackets, Pacific has gained a good reputation in that area as well. If you are unsure which racket brand to go for, why not try a Pacific frame? You won't regret it!

You will find all the latest and most popular Pacific racket series in our online shop. The right one for you is certainly among them! A good tennis racket can improve your game and give your strokes more accuracy. And since Pacific has an outstanding reputation for tennis strings, you can find the perfect strings for your new Pacific racket in our online shop, too. If you need some advice in this regard, you can go to the virtual string advisor on our website, where you will get valuable tips from our stringing professionals. 

Buying Pacific Tennis Rackets: What to Look out for 

Pacific tennis rackets are made of high-quality materials that ensure the frames are robust, last long and provide plenty of speed for your game. When you buy a new Pacific tennis racket, check out the basic features first. Regarding the size of the striking surface, keep in mind that the smaller the frame, the more accurate your strokes need to be. If you are not (yet) an experienced tournament player, the racket should ideally weigh around 300 grams or below. When it comes to the optimal grip size, your trainer at the club is the best person to help you with that. 

Or you find out for yourself by taking a racket into your hitting hand. There ought to be enough space between palm and fingertips to fit the index finger of your non-hitting hand. If you are unsure which type of Pacific racket would be ideal for you, our racket finder can help give you a general orientation. Simply type in a few details, and it will suggest several tennis rackets that fit the description. There is definitely the right Pacific tennis racket waiting for you in our online shop!

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Two Categories of Pacific Tennis Rackets at Tennis-Point

Pacific's range of tennis rackets may not be as comprehensive as that of other brands, but there is still lots of variety in terms of playing characteristics. At Tennis-Point, you will find Pacific rackets in the following categories:

Tour rackets are more on the heavy side with a relatively small striking surface for the more aggressive and offensive players who like to put pressure on their opponents. Comfort rackets, on the other hand, are more arm-sparing and provide you with more control. 

Enjoy choosing your new Pacific tennis racket at Tennis-Point and blow them away on the court!