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Lead tape

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Lead Tape for Tennis Rackets: More Power and Control

When looking for a new tennis racket, you can tailor many characteristics to your preferences to limit the range of possible models. But despite all those different rackets being tailored specifically to different playing styles, you may have to modify yours after a while. In that case, lead tape is a great option: it can enable you to play with more spin and control or increase your speed, which is why they work with every tennis player who wants to get the most out of their racket.


Optimise your Game with Lead Tapes from Tennis-Point

With lead tape, you can increase your racket’s weight pointedly, preferably around the head. More weight on the frame top makes the racket swing quicker, even if you do not tweak your stroke at all. Moreover, lead tape around the hitting surface’s top half automatically increases power transmission around your racket head; this is particularly crucial for more speed and rotation when playing with topspin.

If you attach a lead tape to the sides of your racket head, you will also be able to hit quicker. Hence, in any case, you increase the speed you play with. At the same time, a higher racket weight may benefit your volleys. It increases control and accuracy – and last but not least, lead tape helps you speed up your serve and smashes considerably.

Tip: with our advisor “racket tuning,” you will learn where exactly to put lead tape around your racket’s frame.

How does Lead Tape Change a Tennis Racket’s Characteristics?

  • The balance point moves
  • The racket’s weight increases
  • The racket head drops more easily before hitting the ball
  • The racket oscillates less when hitting the ball
  • Rackets allow for faster play
  • Ball control increases

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