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Grips and Grip Accessories for Improved Racket Handling

Its grip determines whether a racket fits you or not. If you pick the wrong grip strength, your shots end up less accurate. What is even worse, a too thick or too thin grip may result in issues with your hitting arm, even in a tennis elbow. Hence, we offer accessories to adjust your grip to your preferences in our online shop: With easily interchangeable grip pallets, touch butt caps, and grip tubes, you can tailor your racket’s grip strength to your needs.

Griffe All you have to do is remove the old touch butt cap and grip pallet from the racket’s handle and affix a new pallet or grip tube. This way, you can enhance the grip strength by up to one level without buying a new racket. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind: if you grab the racket on the bottom, there should be room for the other hand’s index finger between the ball of the tumb and the fingertips of your hitting arm.

Tip: to adjust the grip precisely to your needs, it is best to talk to an expert in one of our shops. They will advise you how to find the right grip strength and install your new racket accessory. Here, you can look for the shop closest to you.