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Use Frame Protection Tape to Optimally Protect your Racket and Strings


Granted, it does sound trivial – which does not make it less effective: by using frame protection tape, you do not only jazz up your racket’s look, maybe even more importantly, you protect the frame and stringing from damages. Especially when attempting to return low bouncing balls, tough to play volleys, or the opponent’s forehand cross you hardly reach, the racket may very well make the court’s acquaintance. Additionally, many players have taken to using the racket to knock the sand from their shoe soles when playing on clay. That might help your balance; however, your racket frame constantly takes minor hits while sand ingresses into the stringing’s eyelets, causing additional friction. To absorb the hits’ impact on the frame and prevent rubbing, adding protection tape to the frame has proved an effective solution. In our shop, you may choose from frame protection tapes in different colours that look like racket-manufacturer branded insulating tape. To affix it, you place the protection tape in a 9-to-3 position on top of the racket head’s grommet.

Tip:also, you may use the frame protection tape to hold the overgrip on the grip’s head in place. Plus, it helps you additionally brand and individualise your racket.