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Increase your Tennis String’s Durability with Elasto-Cross

Elasto-cross might not be the first tennis racket accessory that comes to mind, but they are worth considerating. The little plastic element's shape allows you to attach them right where your racket’s main and cross strings meet. There, they work as a sort of bumper. The so-called “crossies” prevent the strings from rubbing against each other, which, otherwise, is one of the main reasons tennis strings tear. Moreover, with elasto-cross, your strings do not shift too far when you play with lots of spin. Hence, you do not have to re-adjust them constantly.

Elasto-Cross Influences your Topspin

In addition to your material, your game benefits from elasto-cross. Together with your strings, they dig deep into the ball’s felt, which gives your topspin more rotation. You should especially consider buying those little helpers if you play with thin strings. However, if you string your racket with natural-gut or hybrid strings, elasto-crosses are essential because they considerably enhance durability. Preferably, try out several crosses yourself – and by the way: you can re-use them even if your string tears.

How do I Benefit from Elasto-Cross when Playing Tennis?

  • More durable tennis strings
  • More rotation for topspin and slice
  • Individual racket look
  • More feel for your volley

In our shop, you can buy elasto-crosses in convenient sets with a plastic slider, which helps you lift the strings to fit the crossies underneath. Since they are coloured – almost like with stencils – if you place them pointedly, you can “draw” a symbol or monogram onto your hitting surface, making your racket unique. We hope you enjoy picking out an elasto-cross set and more accessories like grommets and grips.