Terms and conditions to redeem your gift card

How do I redeem my gift card?

Terms and conditions to redeem your gift card

The terms and conditions to redeem your gift cards are the same online and in one of our stores.


  1. Gift cards can be redeemed for products through the following channels:

    • Homepage, the same as the purchase homepage f.ex. Tennis-Point.com

    • In one of our stores

    • Via a phone call in our service center

  2. If the value of your gift card is not enough, you are able to pay the difference with another payment method offered at Tennis-Point or by redeeming another gift card.

  3. You can use more than one gift card for one order. Promotion vouchers are excluded.

  4. Bij een bestelling kunnen meerdere waardebonnen worden benut. Kortingsbonnen zijn uitgesloten van deze regeling.

  5. Gift Cards and the remaining balance can be used until the end of the 3rd after the purchase date of the gift card. Remaining balances are saved under the same gift card code. Promotion vouchers are excluded.

General information:

  1. Our terms and conditions have additional usage regarding the redemption of gift cards.

  2. A cancellation of gift card purchases is only possible if the gift card hasn’t been redeemed yet.

  3. The gift card is transferable.


  1. Gift cards can only be used to purchase articles, and not to purchase further gift cards.

  2. A cash payment of gift cards or the remaining balance of gift cards is not possible. To redeem your gift card or to pay with the remaining balance of your gift card, please contact our customer service.

  3. Gift cards cannot be used for other homepages other than the ones mentioned.

Liability and risk of loss

Tennis-Point is not liable when provided with the wrong email address of the gift card receiver. Furthermore, Tennis-Point is not liable when the gift card got lost, stolen, misused or delayed forwarding ( technical difficulties).


In case of cheat or other illegal activities concerning the purchase or redemption of the gift card, Tennis-Point can cancel the concerning customer accounts or ask the purchase for a different payment method. There is no cash-back guarantee or gift card activation in such cases.