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Mueller Sports Medicine

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Mueller Sports Medicine
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Mueller Sports Medicine
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Stay Fit with Products by Mueller Sports Medicine

If you play tennis a lot, or another intense sport, for that matter, you will feel the wear and tear in your muscles, tendons, joints, and bones sooner or later. In tennis, particularly those quick changes in direction, explosive sprints and the constant abrupt stopping strain your body. Wearing functional tennis clothing and high-quality tennis shoes, you may reduce the wear; most of the time, however, that is not enough to protect your muscles and joints sufficiently so you can keep playing until an advanced age.

To preserve your tendons, muscles and joints effectively, sometimes you need special aids such as tapes, bandages, belts, and pads you have probably already spotted on tennis pros. And if you would like to follow your idols' lead, Mueller Sports Medicine products are here to help you increase the chances of extending your time on the tennis court for several years.

Mueller Sports Protects from Injuries and Improves your Performance

Founded by former college basketball player Curt Mueller in 1959, the company has devoted itself to protecting athletes' bodies from injuries. It only made sense, as Mueller used his time at the University of Wisconsin not exclusively to play basketball. He also earned a degree in pharmaceutics. Since he had deemed the supply of preventive medicinal bandages and tapes in many sports facilities unsatisfactory to athletes' needs, Mueller targeted change and created the term "sports medicine."

Over the years, Mueller Sports Medicine never ceased to strive for innovations to help athletes improve their performance while protecting them from injuries; no matter, whether it is a top international athlete or a hobby player who only hits the court now and then. Mueller Sports' portfolio includes different knee, ankle, wrist, elbow, shoulder and back bandages. Plus, the brand offers special elbow belts that reduce the wear on that area to protect from and mitigate a tennis elbow.

Different tapes to protect and stabilise your joints, as well as cold-warm compresses to stimulate blood circulation, round out the company's portfolio.

Buy Mueller Sports Medicine Products at Tennis-Point

In Tennis-Point's Mueller Sports online shop, you will find a vast range of medicinal bandages, belts and tapes that effectively contribute to preventing problems with your joints or mitigate already-existing symptoms. If you want to do good for your body and help the environment a little, Mueller Sports Medicine offers its "Green" series that focuses more on sustainability.