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Court type All court shoe
Color black, blue
Inner material Textile
Outer material Synthetic
Outsole Rubber
Cushioning Medium
Playing style Allround


Rush Pro Ace All Court Shoe Men - Black, Blue

Best underfoot feel in the Wilson Ace

The Rush Pro Ace is the shoe with the most generous fit in the popular Rush Pro lineup, earning top marks from tennis players with a strong preference for comfort on the court. The shoe has a 2E fit for wider feet and stabilizes the foot with its 4D Support Chassis: a symmetrical heel-toe chassis that restricts supination to control pivoting. The Rush Pro Ace offers an appealing blend of comfort, stability and aesthetics that delivers supreme confidence with every step, and is coated with Sensifeel on the upper for added breathability.

Highlights of the Wilson Rush Pro Ace

  • 4D Support Chassis limits supination and torsion to control swing motion, providing maximum stability when preparing for powerful shots
  • The Sensifeel features a minimalist layered upper for added comfort while providing premium support
  • DF2 creates a cushioned feel for the court and therefore the optimal compromise between comfort and fast performance (DF2 = heel-to-toe­distance 9 mm)
  • The rubber pad on the inside provides additional durability and protection when trailing the foot
  • The R-DST+ offers the optimal combination of cushioning and rebound for better dynamic performance.
  • Duralast is made of durable, high-density rubber compound with abrasion resistance and maximum grip on all surfaces.
  • The wide fit (2E) comfortably accommodates wider feet
  • Designed for high performance on all courts

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Size and measurement information

Size and measurement information
39 5,5 6
39 2/3 6 6,5
40 6,5 7
40 2/3 7 7,5
41 1/3 7,5 8
42 8 8,5
42 2/3 8,5 9
43 1/3 9 9,5
44 9,5 10
44 2/3 10 10,5
45 1/3 10,5 11
46 11 11,5
46 2/3 11,5 12
47 1/3 12 12,5
48 12,5 13
49 1/3 13,5 14
50 2/3 14,5 15
Determine your measurements
Measure the individual length of your foot

Take a white sheet of paper (DIN A4) and place it on a smooth, pressure-resistant surface on the floor. Place your right foot (or your stronger, longer foot) diagonally on the sheet of paper so that it does not protrude beyond the edge of the sheet at any point.

With a pen or pencil as thin as possible, which you place vertically on the heel of your foot, you can now go around the entire foot until you arrive back at the starting point (see picture). It would also be sufficient to mark only the longest part of your foot.

Ermittle die Länge Deiner Füße

Next you have to measure the outline of your stronger/longer foot on the sheet. To do this, use a ruler or tape measure to determine the distance between the two points that are furthest apart in cm (see illustration - vertical line!).

Important: Then add 1 centimetre (cm) and you have determined your exact tennis shoe size in cm!

Example: Your measurement shows a distance of 27 cm. If you now add 1 cm, your shoe size in centimetres is 28!

We have determined the shoe sizes of all brands (Asics, Nike, adidas etc.) in centimetres for you and you can now choose your suitable shoe (according to its length) completely independently of the size specifications of the manufacturer.



Wilson Rush Pro Ace All Court Shoe Men

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