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Headsize 645 cm²
String pattern 16/19
Weight 280 g
Length 686 mm
Balance 315 mm


Clash 100L V2.0 Britto Hearts

Swinging games with the Clash 100L V2.0

Lightness and flexibility - these are the characteristics that define the Clash 100L V2.0. And with that, it fits perfectly into the Clash racket series from Wilson. The unparalleled blend of flexibility and stability comes from the unique FORTYFIVE carbon construction. Plus, the Clash 100L offers easy maneuverability and lightness - which means more comfort. Let's also not forget the revised design of the frame, which gives the Clash 100L V2.0 a much larger sweet spot, compared to its predecessors. We say these are all good reasons to choose the Wilson Clash 100L V2.0!

The points with which the Wilson Clash 100L V2.0 convinces

  • FORTYFIVE carbon construction for flexibility and stability
  • Lightweight power and maneuverability thanks to a lighter frame
  • Greater Sweet Sport due to revised frame

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Wilson Clash 100L V2.0 Britto Hearts

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