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Slippers– your Must-Have Summer Companion for Beach and City

High in temperatures, low in textile – it is an equation that returns every year, that goes for clothing as much as for your shoe game. On hot days, slippers are just what your feet need to relax even under high temperatures because, in the end, they focus on the essentials: With a comfortable footbed plus a robust strap, they let your feet breathe; anytime. And almost en passant, slippers easily create an urban look, which has made them more popular today than ever.

The slippers you find at Tennis-Point perfectly combine comfort and style. Whether on the beach, in the city, or before and after your match, slippers from Tennis-Point function as a loyal companion for different activities on hot days. You may find different colours and patterns in our online shop and prepare yourself for high temperatures this very day. Your feet will thank you for it.


Slippers– your Companion for Summer Days

Especially when you visit the lido or the beach on a beautiful summer day, there is no room for chunky trainers and socks. Instead, slippers or sandals are your weapons of choice. Easy to slide in, both make for the perfect footwear setup for your swimming trips. However, their open design also makes slippers effective against athletes' foot and other pathogens often found in puddles around swimming pools, shared showers, and hotel bathrooms. Moreover, in these places, the wet and slippery floor often presents another hazard. However, non-slip slippers carry you more safely through your summer days.

To provide additional stability for your feet, many brands also focus on ergonomic soles. Thanks to them, many slippers allow for secure steps and maximum comfort. In the end, it is a mix of different features, of that airy feel and comfort, of security and simplicity that results in people wearing slippers in cities, parks, or after their workout. Particularly as those creative designs and colourways contribute to a little bit of a fashion statement – just like caps and visors or shirts and tops.

Tennis-Point: Buying Slippers Online

Yet another advantage comes with slippers: they are compact and light; you can plug them together and quickly put them into your bag. This way, you can carry them around wherever you go and put them on whenever you feel like it. Consequently, you can treat your feet with a bit of fresh air at any time – without running into danger of burning your foot soles or slipping on wet surfaces.

At Tennis-Point, you can buy slippers in different designs and colours. Casual. Posh. Practical. You name it; we have it. At Tennis-Point, you benefit from a wide range of models, quick deliveries, and attractive rates. What are you waiting for? Pick out slippers that are comfortable and look great when combined with the right type of shorts all day.