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Sports Bras With Low Support

In tennis, women and girls should always wear a sports bra. The many quick and explosive sprints and movements put a lot of stress on the female chest. A regular bra simply cannot protect effectively from that. The swinging chest movements caused by playing tennis can create pain and lead to chronic tension in the shoulder and back area, and in the long run, even to postural defects. For that reason, you should always wear a sports bra, be it for tennis or any other athletic activity.

Sporting-goods manufacturers have designed special sports bras to meet the requirements of tennis players. Whether your cup size is large or small, there is no way around wearing a tennis bra if you want to feel comfortable on the court and avoid pain in your chest area. Most manufacturers of tennis clothing distinguish sports bras with low, medium, or high support.


Large Choice Of Tennis Bras With Low Support

At Tennis-Point, you will find a huge range of cute sports bras with low support by top brands such as Nike, Under Armour, Björn Borg, or BIDI BADU. Sports bras with low support combine optimal protection with the highest comfort and maximum freedom of movement.

They work incredibly well for easy training sessions and sports like yoga or pilates. Take your time and browse through our online tennis shop and pick your favourite sports bra with low support.

And don't miss out on our many offers and discounts, there might be a good bargain waiting for you! Simply order online and try your new tennis bra in the comfort of your own home. With our 30-days money-back guarantee, you can easily return it if anything is not to your satisfaction. Enjoy choosing your new sports bra with low support, and we wish you lots of fun on the tennis court!