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Sport Slips For Tennis

For us to feel good on the tennis court, the choice of clothing plays an important part, starting with the sports underwear we pick. Whether it's tennis or any other sport, functional underwear is an absolute must. Sports underwear offers certain properties regular underwear simply isn't designed for. First and foremost, however, tennis underwear should feel comfortable and fit perfectly, so it doesn't slip even during intense matches or training sessions. It ideally fits like a second skin and stays in place. Good sports slips make you feel safe and secure.

Another very important aspect of quality tennis underwear is that it facilitates sweat transport to the surface to provide a dry feeling. Poorly fitting underpants can be quite a nuisance and have a negative effect on your match focus. To avoid that, our light and breathable sports slips are the perfect choice for you! As sports slips consist of a mix of synthetic fibres to keep you warm and dry, sports slips are very comfortable to wear, offer maximum security, and complete freedom of movement.

Feel Comfortable & Secure With Sport Slips

Some slips have cotton content or consist of merino wool. Many tennis players appreciate this natural fibre, especially on cold days, to warm the body and transport sweat away from the skin. The tight fit of tennis slips makes them align to the body like a second skin for a perfectly comfortable feeling. Seamless or slips with flat seams make sure your skin doesn't chafe and protect it against pressure marks.


Another, mainly visual advantage: there are no visible panty lines. In a sport slip, you will always feel warm and secure so that you can focus on the court action. Here is an overview of what to keep in mind when buying sports slips:

  • Breathability
  • Quick sweat vaporisation
  • Quick-drying
  • Odour-neutralising function
  • Elasticity and a tight fit

Have a look around our online tennis shop and choose your favourite sports slips from our huge range of functional underwear. Once you have found your preferred model, you can also buy it in money-saving multi-packs. And don't miss out on our great offers and discounts, there might be a good bargain waiting to be made. We hope you enjoy choosing your new sports slips at Tennis-Point!