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Gym sacks

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Light & Robust Tennis Gym Sacks For Kids & Adults

Gym sacks have never been out of fashion because they are so robust and versatile. This is why you will always see tennis players carrying a gym sack to the court. These clever companions for sports and leisure time are more spacious than some would expect.

Tennis gym sacks easily fit all your tennis clothes and other tennis accessories. One significant advantage of the affordable and trendy sports sacks is you don't have to carry a large and heavy racket bag around your tennis club.

Clever Gym-Sack Backpacks For Tennis Players


The high-quality tennis gym sacks available in our online shop are from top brands, such as adidas or Nike. If you are looking for a sporty bag for your tennis shoes and other accessories, our high-quality gym sacks are the ideal choice for you. Particularly kids and young people prefer the attractive and handy tennis gym sack bags.

What's more, they are also recommended by sports physicians because kids can carry gym sacks in a healthy position on their backs. This way, tennis sports sacks prevent back problems by evenly distributing the weight.

Innovative rubber and drawcord closure ensure your personal belongings are safe and sound. And in regards to design, there are lots of different colours to choose from.

Clever Gym Sacks By Nike, adidas & Co.

The clever and spacious sports sacks by adidas and Nike are a real eye-catcher and the perfect companion for the tennis court. The gym sack backpacks are made of hard-wearing materials allowing for carrying heavy things.

An extra zipped pocket on the inside or outside of the bag offers plenty of room for your wallet, smartphone, jewellery, etc., so you have all your important belongings at hand, yet safely stored.

Adjustable drawcords can be used as shoulder straps to carry your gym sack on your back, while your tennis equipment is well protected against shocks and scratches by the bag's reinforced bottom.

Buying High-Quality Gym Sacks: Our Checklist!

What do you need to look out for when buying a top-quality tennis gym sack? Here is our checklist to help you find your perfect sports sack:

  • Sufficient storage space
  • Adjustable drawcords, useable as shoulder straps
  • Extra zipped pocket
  • Reinforced bottom

Enjoy choosing your new tennis gym sack at Tennis-Point!