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Tech 450 Premium Nylon Fast 6 Pack

The best flight characteristics in a perfect shuttlecock!

With the Talbot Eli shuttlecock in the convenient 6-ball tin, every match is great fun. The shuttlecock from the so-called Easy Learning Initiative is very robust and can withstand heavy loads. Thanks to the elastic nylon material, the shuttlecock is enormously supple and much more durable.


The foamed base does not break as quickly compared to cork and therefore serves a long-lasting play fun. The balls are perfect for children in particular, as they learn how to handle them properly from the very beginning.

Get the Talbot Eli shuttlecock in the large 6-ball tin now and enjoy an incomparable playing experience!

  • High-quality ball in a roomy 6-ball tin
  • Smooth feathering thanks to elastic nylon material
  • Foamed foot is more stable compared to cork

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Talbot Tech 450 Premium Nylon Fast 6 Pack

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