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Headsize 677 cm²
String pattern 16/19
Weight 270 g
Length 686 mm
Balance 310 mm


Twist X105 270
The Prince TwistPower X105 provides power when playing from the baseline, but also offers enough spin potential for control over the ball.
The Prince Twist racquets have both a right and left handed version, which twist the opposite way depending on the hand. The twist power racquets are intended to help control the forehand more by resisting the twist and increase the power on the backhand side by utilizing the twist. The stiffness of the carbon is such that there isn’t a huge amount of twisting or untwisting of the throat at impact, especially after TeXtreme was added. The major difference will be the hand feel for the left hander who instead of positioning the hand on the smoother part of the shift will actually put their hand against the sharper edge.


  • Head size (cm²): 677
  • String pattern: 16/19
  • Weight unstrung (g): 270
  • strung: No

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Prince Twist X105 270

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