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Balance 335 mm


Nerbo WPT Luxury Series

From the agreement between NOX and World Padel Tour for being the official racket of the circuit, the "World Padel Tour Series" collection is launched, which is made up of the "Nerbo", "Tempo", "Nexo", "Equation", "Attraction" and "Emotion" models. The Nerbo WPT 2023 is a diamond-shaped racket with a high balance that is characterized by its power, solidity and speed. It has a very solid construction by having 100% carbon surfaces of 18K carbon fibers.
As a novelty, it presents the new Multilayered Black Eva core that guarantees greater comfort and precision when hitting. It also has rough surfaces to maximize the effects, lateral dampers incorporated into the racket structure and a careful design of the heart.

Player profile: Racket designed for advanced level players looking for power, explosiveness and solidity in their game.


  • Shape: Diamond
  • Weight: 360-375 grams
  •  Rubber: Multi-layer black Eva
    Racket core built based on several layers of black EVA rubber of different densities, when hitting the energy is optimally distributed across the surface of the racket to achieve control without losing power or ball output.
  •  Frame: 100% carbon
    The carbon composite frame gives to the racket greater rigidity and durability.
  •  Face: Carbon 18K
    The 18K weave is achieved by weaving the carbon fiber strands into small squares. The surfaces of the Nerbo WPT 2023 are composed of 18K carbon fiber with which it will increase its hardness and durability benefits. This material nourishes the racket with a harder touch that translates into greater power and explosiveness when smashing.

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NOX Nerbo WPT Luxury Series

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