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ML10 Pro Cup Luxury Series 23

The ML10 PRO CUP LUXURY SERIES racket is a special edition in homage to the iconic paa ML10 Pro Cup by Miguel Lamperti. The ML10 Pro Cup model is one of the most popular models of its brand since its launch thanks to the combination of the best materials and technologies of the moment.

The round-shaped racket provides controlled power, also offering precision thanks to its wide sweet spot. Without a doubt, the greatest quality of this padel racket is the magnificent level of control that it offers even in the most demanding hits.

Player profile: Designed for all levels, is suitable for any type of player who looks for maximum comfort and control in their game without losing power when going up to the net.


  •  Circle shape
  •  Weight: 360-375 grams
  •  Rubber: HR3
    High-density HR3 Core rubber that increases the speed with which the core of the racket recovers its state prior to hitting the ball, thus achieving maximum power.
  •  Frame: 100% carbon
    The carbon composite frame gives the blade greater rigidity and durability.
  •  Face: 1 layer of metallized fiberglass and 2 layers of fiberglass
    Combination of 2 layer of fiberglass and 1 layer of fiberglass with a metallic finish that provides a degree of rigidity that is between carbon and fiberglass.

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NOX ML10 Pro Cup Luxury Series 23

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