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Material (Co-)Polyester
Structure Monofil
Spin a lot of
Arm protection low
Game strength Club player, Tournament player
Length 200 m


Pyramid String Reel 200m - White

The Pyramid is a one-piece (monofilament) polyester string. The manufacturing process and the unique, triangular cross-section of the pyramid have opened up unimagined opportunities to topspin and slice players. The pleasant feeling of playing with Pyramid strings, its unique shape and its extraordinary durability are due to a second heating process, the Double Heating.



Surface: coating

Core: polyester

Pre-stretching: string



Double Heating: the Double-Heating process evens out any irregularities and eliminates internal stresses.

Pre-stretched: pre-stretching the string core or the entire string reduces the loss of tension to a minimum.


Tips for kings

Normal string tension for normal and large head sizes, normal and wide string patterns.

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