Cream String Set 12m - Cream

Item #: 04653101270000
€ 19,90 € 9,95 Save 50% 12 METER | € 0,83/METER
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€ 19,90 € 9,95 Save 50% 12 METER | € 0,83/METER
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Cream String Set 12m - Cream

Cream is an all-rounder: a string that offers excellent ball control, is easy on the arm and impresses with stable playing characteristics. Isospeed has developed a special blend of materials that dramatically increases the elasticity of this monofilament string. This means minimized tension loss, comfortable playability as well as joint protection. At the same time, you maintain optimal acceleration, control and precision.

By pre-stretching the entire string, tension loss is reduced to a minimum.

Double Heating:
The second heating process compensates for irregularities and eliminates internal tension.

Liquid Wax:
At the end of the production process, the string is finished with a layer of wax. This makes it easier to string the racquet and significantly increases the durability of the string, due to reduced abrasion.

Spring Load
Normally, a monofilament polyester string is plastically deformed by tension and therefore loses a lot of tension. This technology allows the molecular chains of a monofilament string to also contract back together. This results in minimized tension loss and more stable playing characteristics, as well as increased arm protection.

Optimal for:

  • Normal and low stringing hardness
  • Normal and small hitting area
  • Normal and narrow string pattern
Product details
  • Product number 04653101270000
    • Product type String sets
    • Sub product type String set
    • 1. color cream
    • Length (mm) 12000
    • Material (Co-)Polyester
    • String structure Monofil
  • Unit Price € 0,83/METER
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