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Material 80% cotton, 12% elastane, 8% Nylon
Color dark_blue, white


Performance Arnst Wristband 1 Pack - Dark Blue, White

So your sweat but times no chance!


The Fila Unisex Arnst Sweatband is forever faithful to you, because on hot days you just need a reliable companion on your arm. The terry sweatband not only fits snugly, but also shines with excellent moisture absorption.

The 12-centimeter length of the Fila unisex sweatband gives you long-lasting comfort and, most importantly, noticeable style that you can always see.

Be quick to grab the Fila Unisex Sweatband and show off your love for sweatbands on the court!

  • Intense sweatband for dry comfort
  • Stable moisture wicking
  • Tight fit for terrific support

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Fila Performance Arnst Wristband 1 Pack

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