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Mini Tennis Stage 1 Green 60 Pack

The ideal transition tennis ball for all age groups

Thanks to the pressure reduced Dunlop Mini Tennis Stage 1 Green tennis ball even the youngest players perform like professionals!

Due to its' Play and Stay characteristic this ball is about 25% slower than standard tennis balls. With its' reduced pressure the Dunlop Mini Tennis Stage 1 Green in its practical triple can perfect for children over 6 years. The bright design of the Mini Tennis Stage 1 Green is very appealing to children.

Get your new special yellow/green balls and practice like the adults.

  • The ideal pressure reduced transition tennis balls for all age groups
  • Play and Stay Stage 1 and thus 25% slower than a standard tennis ball
  • Suitable for the whole court
  • For children who have outgrown mid court.

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Dunlop Mini Tennis Stage 1 Green 60 Pack

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