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RS by Robin Söderling

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Top Equipment by RS by Robin Söderling

Former Swedish tennis pro Robin Söderling once was asked about the best ball he had ever played with. He had no answer and subsequently decided to develop a tennis ball himself. It basically was the birth hour of RS by Robin Söderling, a label for tennis and padel equipment that specialises in items that even live up to a pro’s expectations.

The two-time French Open finalist founded his company in 2013 when it was uncertain whether he could continue his career due to the long-term effects of kissing disease. It took Söderling two more years before he announced his retirement at 29. A tough loss for fans. However, it turned out to be a stroke of luck for those that enjoy playing tennis or padel with high-quality and good-looking equipment as the likeable Swede now has even more time to focus on the sport’s other side and bring RS by Robin Söderling forward.

RS Sports–a Pro’s Experience

The first product RS Sports introduced was––hardly a surprise––an innovative tennis ball that finally met the former Davis-Cup player’s expectations. Gaining initial success, RS Sports gradually extended its portfolio to tennis strings, grips, tennis bags, and different accessories.

Shortly after, the label turned to padel. Considering the fast-growing fan base in Sweden, RS by Robin Söderling started developing padel balls with outstanding playing characteristics with the help of padel pros. It worked, and demand snowballed. RS Sports also offers padel rackets, padel bags and more padel equipment.

Stylish sportswear and high-quality function wear made from exquisite materials with Scandinavian design tradition in mind round out the company’s product portfolio.

Discorer RS by Robin Söderling at Tennis-Point

RS by Robin Söderling’s collection for padel and tennis brings everything to the table a player can ask for. You will immediately feel that a former pro used his experience to benefit the developing process. And when it comes to design, RS Sports turns heads just as much: modern and elegant, yet, never appearing cold. Typical Scandinavian design!

At Tennis-Point, you will find an extensive selection of tennis and padel products by RS by Robin Söderling at attractive prices. Some pieces even become part of our discount campaigns for a particular time. Maybe you are lucky enough to make a bargain. Especially if you browse the Tennis-Point online shop regularly. Now, we wish you lots of fun picking your new RS by Robin Söderling items. Enjoy using them on the court!