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Solution Speed FFTM 2
Jetzt mit einer zweiteiligen Außensohle für ein leichtes und flexibles Laufgefühl, maximaler Platzabdeckung dank der TWISSTRUSS™-Technologie, die für Flexibilität und Schnelligkeit entwickelt wurde, und ultimativem Komfort mit der perfekten Kombination aus ASICS FLYTEFOAM und FLYTEFOAM PROPEL in der durchgehenden Zwischensohle.
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GEl-ResolutionTM 9
New "DYNAWALL™" technology supports lateral movement, enhanced DYNAWRAP™ construction provides comfortable underfoot support and the full-length outsole provides full ground contact for added stability and support.
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Featuring an innovative three-piece outsole that allows for the most extreme movements in the game, a redesigned TWISSTRUSS™ that reduces stress on the body, and MONSOSOCK™ upper construction for the ultimate lock-in feel around the foot and ankle.
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Was die Spieler sagen
Die Meinung von Novak Djokovic
"When it comes to the product, ASICS is as good as it gets." - Novak Djokovic
"I am all in for this Tennis shoe"
Novak Djokovic
ZERO DISTRACTIONTM tennis apparel. Nothing feels better.
Complete your look on court with advanced technology and innovation with ASICS ZERO DISTRACTIONTM tennis apparel.

Complete the Asics look

Strategically placed ventilation to reduce heat and moisture.
Moisture Wicking
Carefully selected materials that wick sweat away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable.
Pro-FitTM technology
Improved design to increase comfort during tennis-specific movements such as serve, volley and forehand.
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