ASICS is the only tennis brand that designs and develops footwear to support your natural playing style. Understanding what kind of player, you are will help you select the right tennis shoes to improve performance and protect against tennis-related injuries.
Let’s find your playing style!
The Baseline player typically moves side-to-side along the baseline and requires a strong, stable and supportive shoe, like the GEL-RESOLUTION 9
all ASICS shoes for the Baseline player
The All-Court player starts at the baseline, but typically moves to the net and requires a fast, flexible and light- weight shoe, like the SOLUTION SPEED FF 2
all ASICS shoes for the All-Court Player
The Best-of-Both Player can switch between baseline and all-court with ease, and requires a stable, supportive, flexible and fast shoe, like the COURT FF 3
all ASICS shoes for the Best-of-Both player