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Court type Clay court shoe
Color dark_blue, light blue
Inner material Textile
Outer material Textile
Outsole Rubber
Cushioning Maximum
Playing style Defensive


Gel-Resolution 8 Clay Court Shoe Women - Dark Blue, Light Blue

The GEL-RESOLUTION™ 8 CLAY tennis shoe promotes a responsive ride with a close-to-the-court feel.

The FLEXION FIT™ upper provides optimal support by incorporating DYNAWALL™ technology for added midfoot support during lateral movements and sufficient court coverage. This shoe has been designed with torque control in the heel counter for a firm grip and secure feel during quick changes in direction.

Thanks to the renowned and characteristic GEL™ technology cushioning in the heel and midfoot, this shoe significantly reduces the impact of impacts caused by abrupt stop-and-go movements on the court.

It also features an AHAR™ compound in the outsole that works in combination with PGUARD™ toe protection, increasing traction on the court while reducing wear and tear.

The GEL-RESOLUTION™ 8 CLAY tennis shoe provides an accelerated response with a natural, close-to-the-ground feel, letting you approach your clay court matches with confidence.

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Size and measurement information

Size and measurement information

Women's shoes

36 3.5 5.5 22,75
37 4 6 23
37,5 4.5 6.5 23,5
38 5 7 24
39 5.5 7.5 24,5
39,5 6 8 25
40 6.5 8.5 25,5
40,5 7 9 25,75
41,5 7.5 9.5 26
42 8 10 26,5
42,5 8.5 10.5 27
43,5 9 11 27,5
44 9.5 11.5 28
44,5 10 12 28,5
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With a pen or pencil as thin as possible, which you place vertically on the heel of your foot, you can now go around the entire foot until you arrive back at the starting point (see picture). It would also be sufficient to mark only the longest part of your foot.

Ermittle die Länge Deiner Füße

Next you have to measure the outline of your stronger/longer foot on the sheet. To do this, use a ruler or tape measure to determine the distance between the two points that are furthest apart in cm (see illustration - vertical line!).

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Example: Your measurement shows a distance of 27 cm. If you now add 1 cm, your shoe size in centimetres is 28!

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ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Clay Court Shoe Women

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