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TRINITI PRO takes Flight
Triniti Pro plays fast, true and pure, all while maintaining its fresh-ball feel 4x longer than a traditional ball* and arriving in a recyclable cartonboard sleeve.

THE MISSION: Thinking outside the can.
Wilson is committed to develop high performance tennis products and to work on reducing the impact on our environment. This is true for all products across our different categories with a focus on tennis balls.
In 2019: Wilson launched the first performance tennis ball designed with fully recyclable packaging: TRINITI. The blend of the core material and flexible felt allows this ball to maintain its characteristics outside of a pressurized can. The goal behind the development of Triniti was to create a more sustainable and durable tennis ball, without compromising the high standard of our performance balls.
Now in 2021: Wilson is introducing Triniti Pro with the aim to deliver an even better experience for competitive players. The development process included an extensive playtest with athletes and retail partners which resulted in very positive feedback.
„Core 2.0“
Triniti Pro features a new, elite core infused with pro-grade plastomer, creating a more responsive feel that plays fast and true for the highest levels of competition. Triniti Pro’s core is slightly thinner than Triniti’s (4.7mm vs 4.9mm) to allow a heavier felt on the outer.
Triniti Pro features a variation of the high-visibility, high-quality felt used on the US Open Extra Duty  tennis ball. Enhanced elite-level responsiveness on contact and bounce same high-grade felt construction as US Open Extra Duty ball impact sound re-engineered for improved feedback.
Standard Tennis Ball
Triniti Tennis Ball
*based upon out-of-container rebound loss over time versus leading pressurized tennis balls
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To create Triniti Pro, Wilson LABS Engineers made two key updates to their Triniti tennis ball:
1. The first was to the core. Triniti’s Engage® Core is made of a plastomer material which allows the ball to maintain its fresh ball feel 4x longer than a standard ball*. While Triniti Pro’s core still features the engage material, it uses a different grade of the plastomer to produce a more true, responsive feel at impact.

2. The second update was to the felt. Wilson engineers replaced Triniti’s STR duraweave felt with a version of the woven, high quality felt used on the US Open Extra Duty tennis ball. It is also a high-visibility (high-vis) felt.

These innovations, both in the core and felt, allow Triniti Pro tennis balls to perform at the highest levels of the game while maintaining their longevity and performance outside of pressurized plastic PET containers. Triniti Pro packaging is made from recycled cardboard and is fully recyclable. Both Triniti and Triniti Pro are approved by both the ITF and the USTA.

*based upon out-of-container rebound loss over time versus leading pressurized tennis balls