2022 Earth day series.
Advantage: Planet.

We proudly introduce a series of thoughtfully crafted rackets that fuse water-based with the bio-based and recycled material developed by Arkema's subsidiary Agiplast to create a next-gen zen for today's mindul player. Part of our continuing commitment to make a better world through sport.
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Water-Based Paints.
Made to serve nature

Behold the eco-power of water-based paints: inspired by nature and made to reduce the footprint of making a racket. And who better to help us than experts in paint Sherwin-Williams.
Reduced vocs
The use of water-based coatings on our Earth Day rackets lessens the VOCs and the overall production footprint.
Less Energy. More Impact
Water-based paints require less heat to cure, which can lower natural gas usage and CO2. Another way these rackets put the planet on center court.
bio-based innovation
Made from renewable sources, Arkema's material is fully bio-based and recycled, redefining the way we produce our endcape, bumpers, and grommets. It's gentler on the earth while maintaining top performance. We like it so much, it is now all of our in-line rackets.
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