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Wilson Rush Pro - Love it or Leave it

Test your new Rush Pro 4.0. on the tennis court for 14 days. If you don't like it, send it back and we'll refund the purchase price.

The Wilson Rush Pro 4.0 is made for intense workouts and grueling matches. This shoe was chosen as the test winner by the tennis magazine for a reason!

See for yourself now:

Step 1
: Buy a pair of Wilson Rush Pro 4.0 or Rush Pro Extra Duty tennis shoes at Tennis-Point-Shop
Step 2: Test the shoe on the court for a maximum of 14 days! If you are happy with it - keep it!
Step 3: If you are unhappy with the shoe, you can get your money back within 14 days of purchase. You can find all information about our returns process here.  
Step 4:
As soon as we have received your Wilson tennis shoe back, your money will be transferred back to you.

Conditions of action:
The promotion applies to all purchases of a Rush Pro 4.0 or Extra Duty model between 18.04.2024 and 16.05.2024.

So that you can test the shoe in peace for 2 weeks, the return must be received by us 20 days after the date of purchase for orders placed in Germany and 24 days after the date of purchase for orders from abroad.  The promotion is limited to one return per customer

To the models

The Rush Pro 4.0 improves dynamic movement on the court thanks to a number of innovations in the midsole and outsole.

In the front area of the midsole is the "Energy Cell" consisting of a lightweight EVA foam that optimizes the transfer of body weight on impact and thus enables more explosive propulsion.
In addition, the Rush Pro 4.0 Clay models have a mesh upper made of ripstop fabric that protects against ash and tears without sacrificing breathability and comfort.
A further development of the chassis design, the 4D Support Chassis 2.0, divides the chassis into two parts and thus fulfills a dual purpose.
• One part runs under the foot and provides improved support and forward propulsion
• the other part provides additional lateral stability and control.
To the models
Never Stop Grinding
Are you looking for a particularly durable and robust shoe?
Then the Rush Pro Extra Duty is just the thing for you!
Good to know: Compared to the Rush Pro 4.0, the Rush Pro Extra Duty has a slightly narrower fit.
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