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Weiss Cannon Tennis strings

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Weiss Cannon
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Perfectly Prepared with Weiss Cannon Tennis Strings

No question, nothing tops your racket when it comes to your most important equipment item. Yet, a tennis racket can only be as good as its stringing. So, if you keep playing although you have already worn down your strings, your shots will considerably lose precision and power, which is why you should string your racket freshly at least twice a year. When doing so, tennis strings by Weiss Cannon are a perfect choice. 

Weiss Cannon Saiten

Founded in 1963, the German string specialist brings together engineering at its finest with loads of experience to produce first-class tennis strings for every playing type. Successfully. Numerous club players in Germany, Europe and all over the world trust Weiss Cannon. Even multiple WTA and ATP players prefer getting Weiss Cannon strings for their rackets, as they always meet the highest standards and offer a variety of playing characteristics. 

Weiss Cannon Tennis Strings Support any Playing Style

Weiss Cannon offers a diverse and vast product selection and uses state-of-the-art methods when producing its innovative tennis strings from high-quality synthetics. The brand even developed its own compound formula that allows for the perfect playing feel. Weiss Cannon offers monofil and multifil tennis strings that work for beginners, club and tour players alike. Every model focuses on its very own set of playing characteristics, and in our online shop, you will find the following string types:

  • Spin – more rotation for your topspins
  • Comfort – arm-friendly tennis strings
  • Control – excellent control
  • Power – for intense acceleration
  • Durability – extra long-lasting joy of playing

Great Selection of Tennis Strings by Weiss Cannon

Weiss Cannon Saiten

Here at Tennis-Point, we offer Weiss Cannon Tennis Strings at great prices and in multiple colours, so that you can add a little individual touch to your on-court appearance. Additionally, you will find a wide selection of Weiss Cannon tennis strings in different strengths. If you focus on ball control and durability, you need to choose thicker models, while thinner ones provide a more delicate playing feel.

Weiss Cannon offers its strings with diameters of 1.18 to 1.33 millimetres – and as string reels, as well as string sets.

Suppose you wear down your strings comparably quick or have already found your favourite Weiss Cannon tennis stringing; we recommend buying string reels. They save you money and you can string your racket with your preferred type any time you want. Furthermore, when your order exceeds 150 euros, there are no shipping fees, and thanks to our 30 days money-back guarantee, you do not need to take any risks. Now, your Tennis-Point team wishes you lots of fun browsing for your new Weiss Cannon tennis strings and playing them on the court.