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Yonex - Astrel Tennis rackets

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Yonex Ezone Astrel (2 Results)
Tour racket
€ 349,90 € 229,95
677 cm²
270 g
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Tour racket
€ 349,90 € 249,95
740 cm²
260 g
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Get more power with less effort with the Yonex Astrel

Getting to grips with the game of tennis can require a steep learning curve. Novice and even intermediate players can be put off by their inability to create the kinds of power being generated by more experienced players that may be sharing the court with them. The Astrel series of tennis rackets has been developed as a range of intuitive and easy-to-control gear that helps beginners get to grips with a different level of power and allows experienced players, who may have taken a timeout, to catch up on that step they missed. The selection incorporates a variety of Yonex technologies that are regularly found in their professional level rackets, but it also offers a somewhat oversized frame that allows for easier play with power. Yonex has been developing innovative tennis products for the sport for over 100 years, and the Astrel series is just one example of the brand's keen understanding of different needs of players who are practising at a range of levels.

A small but potent selection of rackets

The Yonex Astrel selection is made up of two different rackets. The Astrel 115 is larger than its brother, the 105, but is also much lighter. It is a good choice for players who want a solid combination of comfort and power. Players at almost any level should be able to generate high speeds without overexerting themselves. The racket also incorporates a variety of shock absorption technologies that absorb the vibrations from harsh impacts and make for better overall control and smoother returns. Aside from the difference in weight and dimension, the 105 incorporates all of the same technologies. Both tennis rackets offer an increased hitting area thanks to the inclusion of Yonex's patented isometric head. This feature optimizes the intersection of main and cross strings to create a large 'sweet spot'. The Ergo power grip found on the handle of each racket in the Yonex Astrel series minimizes openings between your hand and the grip allowing for a smoother and more intuitive integration of arm and racket.

The Yonex Astrel series offers user-friendly rackets with power

The larger head size and wider hitting area of the strings coupled with the shock absorption technology in the frame make each item in the Yonex Astrel series a great choice for developing beginners and even intermediate-level players. Buy online from the Astrel selection on Tennis-Point and you'll soon be enjoying the benefits of a racket from one of the most innovative brands in the sport thanks to our fast and free delivery service on orders over £49. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee for added peace of mind. You'll find options in both men's and women's styles, all at a price we know you'll find competitive.