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Bring the fight to the opponent with the Babolat Pure Strike series

If you're the kind of player who likes to be the one applying the pressure rather than enduring it, if you prefer to rain strikes down on your opponents from afar and watch with glee as they scramble to volley the kind of power you've just injected into their side of the court, the Babolat Pure Strike series of tennis rackets is sure to complement your style with gusto. Made for aggressive players, the name hints that the destiny of each one of these rackets is to find their way into the hands of someone who likes to play 'strike first' tennis. Powerful and explosive players will benefit from the refined balance struck between force and control. This is brought about thanks to the French company's patented technology. The rackets feature an optimised string pattern that uses wider string placement to deliver more power as well as Hybrid Frame technology for enhanced precision and stability. ATP top-ten player Dominic Thiem has adopted a Babolat Pure Strike tennis racket as his primary, and has used it to enhance his powerful strokes and exceptional precision.

Shoot deep and down the line with the Babolat Pure Strike

While each piece focuses on delivering power and precision in equal measure, the individual members of the Pure Strike series of tennis rackets each bring a little something different to the court. The Pure Strike 98 offers an intuitive feel and well-balanced control making it a great choice for both intermediate and advanced players. The Pure Strike VS is a spin-producing allrounder that offers great precision and a lightweight feeling, making it a good choice for women's play. Meanwhile, the Pure Strike Team offers explosive acceleration with minimum effort and is an excellent choice for talented beginners and intermediate players. Whichever racket in the series you choose, you're certain to experience a new kind of strike in your game.

Buy online from Tennis-Point and prepare to ace it

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or a professional player, you will find a suitable partner in the Babolat Pure Strike selection of tennis rackets hosted on our website. Choose from a range of rackets designed to suit both men's and women's play. We offer fast, free delivery on orders over £49 and a competitive price on each great product. In no time at all, you'll be getting to grips with the very best merchandise that the top brands in the sport have to offer, all backed by the peace of mind that comes from a 30-day money-back guarantee. Take the first step towards purifying your shots with the exceptional range of Pure Strike tennis rackets from Babolat.