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Sports Bras

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Optimal Protection With Tennis & Sports Bras

When women and girls get physically active, they should always wear a sports bra. Especially a dynamic game like tennis with its explosive sprints and sudden changes of direction puts the female chest under a lot of stress. A regular bra simply cannot offer sufficient support and protection for this. That's why sports bras should always be a part of your tennis clothes, so you feel comfortable and ready for action on the court.

Same when you go for a run, to the gym, or do other sports––always wear a sports bra if you want optimal protection and support of your chest area. Without it, the physical strains caused by high activity levels, especially in a sport like tennis, can cause severe pain. In the long run, they can even lead to chronic problems or postural defects. The swinging motion of the breasts often causes tensions in the shoulders and back if you don't wear a sports bra.

All those reasons make sports bras an absolute must, no matter the cup size. Larger sizes often feel the detrimental effects stronger, but the effect of the intensive movements on the court on smaller cup sizes should not be neglected. Only a good sports bra keeps your chest safe from harm, even during the most heated tennis matches. Regular bras are not designed for sports like tennis, which is why you should always wear a sports bra on the court if you want to avoid long-term physical problems.

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You won't find typical design elements such as frills, laces, or buttons in sports bras, and they usually are wire-free, so there is no uncomfortable rubbing on your skin while doing sports. Artificial fibres or natural fibres of high quality combined with modern technologies ensure sports bras are very light and nice to wear.

Which Sports Bra To Pick?

The optimal sports bra fits perfectly and is comfortable to wear. It should stick closely to the skin without constraining your breathing. The tight fit provides a compression effect typical of functional clothing. It stimulates the blood circulation, so your muscles receive more oxygen, and you feel more energetic on the tennis court. Most sports and tennis bras have flat seams or are entirely seamless to protect the skin from chafing.

Broad, padded straps are especially recommended for large busts to avoid strong pressure marks and bruises. Good quality sports bras are made of breathable artificial fibres like polyester, elastane, or polypropylene, making sure you neither overheat nor cool off too much. The material allows sweat to permeate away from the body, so your tennis bra stays dry and feels comfortable to wear and protects you against catching a cold. And on hot days, the evaporating moisture has a cooling effect on your skin, so you don't overheat so easily.

Cotton is not an ideal material for sports bras because it absorbs the sweat instead of transporting it to the outside. Among the natural fibres, merino wool is best suited for functional underwear. The fibres are very fine, dry quickly and don't scratch at all. However, most sports bras usually consist of various different artificial fibres with added natural fibres in some models. The following checklist shall give you a brief overview of what to keep in mind when buying a new sports bra:

  • Breathable materials
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Moisture transport
  • Thermal insulation
  • Low, medium, or high support

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Wide Range Of Tennis Bras

Our wide range of underwear includes sports bras in small, medium, and large sizes from leading manufacturers such as BIDI BADU, Nike, adidas, or Björn Borg. You will find tennis bras with low, medium, or high support. Sports bras with low or medium support are especially well suited for light exercises and sports with hardly any explosive movements, such as Yoga, Pilates, or weight training. They are also the right choice if you feel too restricted in a sports bra with high support.

Also, sports bras with medium support are the perfect choice for endurance sports like nordic walking or cycling. But for intensive tennis matches or training sessions, you should consider wearing a high-support sports bra to give your chest area the best possible protection. For larger cup sizes, we recommend tennis bras with a wide lower band to avoid deep pressure marks.

Functionality may be the key criteria for sports bras, but that doesn't mean they cannot look fabulous. Luckily, we have a large selection of cute sports bras in our online tennis shop that meet all the functional and optical requirements. Here, you can also get the latest sports bras your favourite players on the tour are wearing. And don't miss out on our many discounts and special offers! Thanks to our 30-days money-back guarantee, there is no risk involved, and you can try your new tennis bra in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy browsing through our shop!