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Simona Halep

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An Insight to Your Favorite Simona Halep

Enthusiastic and passionate with her play, Simona Halep is a Romanian professional tennis star who has swept many off their feet with the individualistic quality of her tennis and fearless presence on the court. Born on 27 September 1991, she turned a pro in 2008. She started off her journey in the world’s top 50 by entering the top 20 in 2013 and then in the top 10 with her wonderful reach to the quarterfinal of the Australian Opens in 2014. Presently, coached by Wim Fisette, she presently enjoys the ranking of world No. 2 in the career-best listing. She baffled the audience when she made a calendar year record by winning six WTA titles. The dedicated show on all courts like at Wimbledon got her recognition as the WTA’s Most Improved Player and 2013 Most Improved Player of ESPN Center Court. Till now, Simona Halep has faced Maria Sharapova in 2014 French Open final, which was her first ever Grand Slam final and also faced Serena Williams in the same year by making it to the final in the WTA Finals. Although, she lost both the times, but the vigorousness she displayed in the matches got her great appreciation as she made the world see what great potential and promise of glory the Simona Halep tennis player has.

Simona Halep Tennis Products for You

Her playing style is what our tennis star herself describes as ‘an aggressive baseliner’. The power of her performance is always so strong that the tennis sphere sees her game as an intelligent play with an offensive and aggressive charge. She is often called an aggressive counterpuncher when it comes to the tennis strategy. The passionate outcome of her performance comes from the perfect combination of her directed skills and just the right equipment and clothing. After having her apparel taken care of by the flawless manufacturers by Lacoste, Simona Halep’s present range of outfits is sponsored by adidas. The unparalleled quality and wide variety of shoes and accessories from the brand are also her first picks.When it comes to gearing up to perfection, she trusts the Wilson racquets like no other. The Wilson Burn 100, fueled by the Alu power of the Big Banger Tennissaitenrolle and Big Banger tennis string set delivers the perfect impact and strength to match the fierceness of her on-court presence. She has signed a three years deal with Vodafone Romania and the entire world is expecting her to come up even stronger with the time to come.

Simona Halep Tennis Products to Buy Online

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