Quiet Please - Logo collection

Tennis is only for buffers...
Quiet Please!

es wird Zeit, Tennis nicht nur zu spielen und zu lieben, sondern Tennis zu leben!

Now its monkey crazy! Quiet Please  brings tennis onto the street and our carefree show off into the spotlight. True to the motto: The monkey is the star, let’s dedicate to our unique tennis enthusiast his own collection. That’s Logo!

Is that too much? Quiet Please! The new Life style brand with tennis DNA cares nothing for stiff convention or dusty ideas. Free, wild and in touch with the latest trends - with the Logo collection you will certainly make a statement! Prejudices and the custom of the white sport are way out of date! You have tennis in your heart and out on the street,  because tennis is more than just a sport.

Whether it is classy black, green or orange the complete colour range is perfect for every occasion!
The collection
Then get the cool, casual and confident styles from Quiet Please now!

Glow in the Dark
glows in the dark and draws all attention to you!

Just get into the Glow in the Dark variety and become the stylish eye catcher beside the court!

to see the Glow

Glitter collection
Lets the sparks fly!

Especially with the Glitter variety, you will put even the most confident cover girl into the shade.
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Baseline and Ready To Serve
Always and everywhere in the best of style.

High quality fabrics and embroidered Logo?  Logo!But perhaps not long lasting? Quiet Please! Apart from unique style we also value the contents. That is why our outfits are made of 100% organic cotton. This cares for the environment, saves energy and avoids water wastage. Really cool - just like our tennis enthusiast with the cool glasses on his nose.
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Now you too want to stir up the Tennis World?  Logo! Then you are in exactly the right spot to do so.
The collection