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Stringing machines

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Buy High-Quality Tennis Stringing Machines at Tennis-Point

Aspiring tennis players can tailor their stringing to their preferences using their own stringing machine. Plus, that DIY stringing service saves frequent players costs in the long run.

Tournament players need four to six strings per month, with the number even higher when using softer strings. The string type and playing style determine how many a particular player needs. For example, playing with lots of slice or topspin wears your strings out more quickly. A high-quality hybrid string works for eight hours before you have to renew it. Hence, frequent players should quickly compensate for the ball machine’s costs.

Trying and Finding the Perfect Individual Stringing

The main force behind buying a stringing machine, more often than not, is the higher amount of flexibility. Ambitious tennis players can adjust their stringing to their needs and tinker with the details to find their perfect stringing. When experimenting, you can, for example, try using a kilo more or less or string your racket with hybrid strings.

Tournament players also enjoy being able to string their racket freshly right before an important tennis match. With a clever stringing machine, the process only takes about 40 minutes.

Lever Machine, Crank Machine and Electronic Stringing Machine

We distinguish between lever and crank machines to tension the string with stringing machines. Using the former, you adjust the string weight on the lever while you turn the crank according to the adjusted weight with the latter.

There are also electronic stringing machines, where an electronic motor tensions the strings. You adjust the stringing tension via display and buttons. Plus, you have handy storage space for different rackets. Electronic machines usually cost a bit more. At the same time, they are easier to use. At Tennis-Point, we offer stringing machines and racket tuning kits by the following manufacturers:

Tennis-Point Stringing Machine: Premium Stringer 3600

The Tennis-Point Stringer 3600 is among the most popular stringing machines. It has an electronic motor and all essential functions that facilitate the racket’s stringing for pros and beginners. It has an LED screen, a six-point mounting system and four individually adjustable lateral arms. The dual-action string clamps that you can move up and down in any direction and use to attach every string without additional accessories come in very handy.

Gamma Stringing Machine: Progression 602 FC Pro & Progression II 200 and 602

Tennis stringers also enjoy working with Gamma stringing machines. At Tennis-Point, we cover several different models, for example, the Progression 602 FC Pro, a high-quality lever machine with a quick-string mechanism and universal high-end clamps.

The Progression II 602 also comes with a six-point quick-stringing system that makes your work much easier. You can string your racket with tensions between four and 41 kg.

The Progression II 200 might be just right for you if you are looking for a cost-effective option. Using a proven two-point system, it works for every racket. Be it for squash, tennis or badminton. You can turn the plate 360 degrees, which helps you string your racket effortlessly.

Configure your Racket Perfectly with the HEAD Instinct Adaptive Tuning Kit

Head provides its Instinct Adaptive Tuning Kit that will let you tune your racket like the pros. You can determine yourself which characteristics you want to combine to give your tennis racket that crucial edge with the help of a few tuning tricks, from string pattern to racket length and weight.

You will also find handy accessories and tools to string your racket in our online shop: AWLs, double-string clamps and stringing pliers. An AWL helps you widen tight eyelets to string your racket the best way possible. Double-string clamps facilitate the stringing process while keeping the string tight. When using stringing pliers, you can easily attach the string at the beginning of the process. 

Stringing Machines for Tennis: Lightning-Fast Delivery and Return Service

No matter which tennis stringing machine you choose from our online shop, you can rely on our 100-day money-back guarantee: if it does not meet your expectations, you can return it to us. Of course, you can also count on fast deliveries.

The Tennis-Point team wishes you a lot of fun choosing your tennis stringing machine and success for your next tennis match with a perfectly and individually strung racket!