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Gamma Racket Info - QR Sticker Stringing Sticker 2 Pack - Black

With the help of the stringing stickers all tennis rackets can be personalized and managed.

Which string is on the racket and how hard was it strung?
How old is the stringing and when should it be restringed?
What is the string gauge and length of the main and cross strings?

This and other info can be stored via the free app. The owner/admin of the QR Sticker can then overwrite this data again and again with each new stringing. This way, only one sticker is needed for each tennis racket that needs to be personalized.

Stringers, coaches or sports stores can use this app to add all their customers to a database. Individual players or families with several rackets can thus always have an overview when the rackets are managed via the app.

The racket can be scanned with any QR scanner. The information can be retrieved at any time. So, for example, at a tournament or on vacation, a foreign stringer can read the data and string the racket again immediately.

The app is called QRSticker and is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

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Gamma Gamma Racket Info

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