A futuristic shoe for tennis, which will alter your play.
The Adidas STYCON Series is not simply evolution in tennis shoes. It is a veritable revolution. Outwardly as well as technically old rules are broken in order to bring about real changes. This leads to a perfect combination of a completely new style and thoroughgoing performance.
The mindset to create something completely new led to this shoe innovation. The silhouette of the show is as if out of a cast and so the Stycon also fits your foot like a glove.  And that, all without troublesome lacing. The perfect connection between foot and shoe has become reality, a sock like, safe and at the same time comfortable feeling has been achieved.
Stycon for women
At the same time the durable Adiwear Gummi sole construction , which is designed protectively high on the inner side, assures that rapid changes of direction are perfected with no damage to player or shoe. The shoe is in fact so strengthened in the optimal areas that it withstands the highest demands on the court. The construction of the sole with its’ “Bounce 2.0 Drop in- Foam” and further cushioning elements in the mid-sole region assures you feel nothing of these stresses.
Stycon for men